• Ocean Blue ~ Hair & Body Wash for Men



    “I got this soap for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He never used a bar soap and he wasn’t sure he would use it but now he can’t live without it . I use it for my hair like Khine suggested and absolutely love it . D.C’s humidity can be awful and my husband always complained about how his scalp and skin gets oily but not anymore . We started using it for our sons 4 and 2 a couple months ago and works really well. Our family goes through 3 bars every month easily and won’t use another soap again!” (Linda , 27) 

    Introducing our first total body care handcrafted soap for men!

    Inspired by the amazing powers of the ocean and the kindness instilled in every man, ‘Ocean Blue’ is designed to make you feel invigorated every time you take a shower. 

    It can be used as a shampoo, face and body wash, or as a shaving soap since it is infused with skincare. As always, we handcrafted them with no chemicals, no preservatives, and absolutely cruelty-free. 

    Ingredients :hemp oil, vegetable glycerin, rose quartz, mango , melaleuca, frankincense, and rosemary essential oils

    Weight: 4 oz 

    Size : 3.5” x 2.5”

    Vegan. Gluten-free 

    Handmade in the USA