Khineder Creations is dedicated to creating chemical-free, safe skin and hair care products that are suitable for everyone. We proudly handmade all of our products in Pennsylvania and ship to all over the world.  We are thrilled and extremely grateful to have countless testimonies and to be serving more than 20K customers in 19 countries . To many of our online shoppers, hope we will meet you all in person someday . Enjoy the simple yet pure and powerful natural products that are made by moms!
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Khine and Team Khineder

About Us 

"Khineder Creations" is founded by Khine Alkhal. Khine was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and came to United States in 2013, after obtaining her Ph.D in Human Security from University of Tokyo . Over the past decade, she has traveled to more than thirty countries as a humanitarian worker and researcher , and learned extensively about the healthy lifestyles that people have adopted in each culture. While she was working as a Senior Officer for women and children at Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), she was faced with numerous challenges of how she can empower women, especially mothers and home-makers that did not have the liberty to work outside due to their heavy responsibilities, in helping them improve their lives while uplifting their self-esteem. So when she was introduced to home-made lip balms and soaps by a local after she moved to U.S, she was immediately drawn to the idea of opening a business where she can support mothers and create a quality product that they can all feel proud of while taking care of their families. She felt extremely fortunate to be living in Pennsylvania where she can enjoy a wide variety of fresh organic farm produce. Her eagerness to support small businesses and local farms also play as a key factor in her chemical-free homemade bath and beauty product business.

With strong determination and dedication to support home-makers across United States, Khine launched Khineder Creations online store on 23rd of September, 2016  and opened Khineder Creations Skincare and Gift Shop in Emmaus, Pennsylvania on  January 4th 2017 with the loving support and help of her husband  co-founder Daniel Alkhal and her parents . While splitting her time between motherhood and running a business, Khine is continuing her work on finding sustainable solutions for irregular migration and reintegration of migrant workers' families in developing countries as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She appears as a speaker and panelist at international conferences and symposiums regularly.

Khine came across many unfortunate children and young adults that were smuggled and forced into the most heinous activities such as prostitution, arms trafficking and smuggling drugs while traveling for her research as well . She was able to work with local law enforcement in bringing justice to some of the families that have lost their children, helped several of the children find permanent homes, got them employment with local factories that are eager to lend support and provide vocational training. She is dedicated to bringing awareness in the communities about sex and arms trafficking, forced labor and how communities can come together to prevent and minimize such crimes in the future. Through their personal connections and friendships, Khine is bringing products made by survivors of sex trafficking, smuggling, domestic violence, physically challenged persons, purchase directly from them or from organizations/ factories that employ them.

On one hand, Khine and Daniel hope that more people will appreciate the benefits of chemical-free living, consuming and using organic and all-natural products ,and that Khineder Creations would grow into an entity that represent hardworking mothers from all over United States. On the other hand, they hope that by empowering these survivors and giving them job opportunities, providing them with education and world-class vocational trainings , they will become stronger, self-reliant and independent.  It is one of the main purposes of the company to produce quality products that would reflect pride and joy of the moms and survivors.

 Highlights of some of the work that Khine has done :

 Dr Khine Alkhal presenting her paper at World Humanities Forum in Korea in October , 2016. 

Khine Alkhal interviewed by Connie Challingworth at BW NICE event in June, 2018.

Khine Alkhal appeared as a guest speaker for Lehigh Valley Launchbox Ladies Program in January, 2018. She was interviewed by Professor Nichola Gutgold of Penn State Lehigh Valley at Launchbox Ladies Program.

Khine spoke at Olympus's International Women's Day event at Olympus Headquarters in Center Valley , PA. 

Khine Alkhal, first Burmese immigrant to be invited to speak Lehigh Valley Launchbox Ladies Program at Penn State , Center Valley .

Khine Alkhal at Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST) fundraiser in January, 2018

Khine Alkhal with speakers at WFMZ's Special Program for women empowerment in March , 2018. 

Khine Alkhal and Mon Myat Thu (Khineder Creations ) with His Excellency U Aung Lin and Madam Kyi Kyi Win, Ambassador of Myanmar to United States in at Myanmar Independence Day dinner at the Ambassador’s residence in Washington DC in January 2018. 

Khine Alkhal at Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Honoring Ceremony in Hanoi Vietnam as Senior Officer for Social Welfare, Women, Labour and Migrant Workers in June , 2015. 

 Khine and Daniel Alkhal in Tokyo, celebrating with refugees and volunteers in 2012

Khine Alkhal at United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011. 

Khine Alkhal, a long-term advocate for immigrants and refugees , presenting a paper on the reality of diasporas in Japan at International Conference in Busan , Korea in 2012. 

Khine Alkhal worked as a simultaneous interpreter at a High-level business meeting between Burmese Official Delegation and Japanese Trade Organizations lead by Deputy Prime Minister Tarō Aso in 2013 . 

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