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Thank you for visiting our online store. Khineder Creations is a Pennsylvania-based company that produces all-natural, chemical-free bath and beauty products, using organic, gluten-free farm produce , proudly handmade by local moms. 

After years of researching for the products that are completely chemical-free, we came up with a team to design and produce products that are safe and effective for all ages. Our products are guaranteed 100% free of chemicals, preservatives, perfumes and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  

We want to make sure that these products are suitable for even small children and elderly that have very delicate skins. Our products are lab-tested for acute toxicity, eye and skin irritation and skin sensitization. We are also vegan and gluten-free as well . We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you. And know that every time you purchase a product from us , you are helping survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking rebuild their lives .  It is our mission to help them reintegrate into the society, follow their passion and rediscover the opportunities that were robbed from them. 

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Our first store is now opened at 379 Chestnut Street in Emmaus, PA. We have a wide collection of gifts_ from Burmese handmade silk to Lebanese artisans’ bags and local women’s incredible art work . We work closely with retailers/makers that support the survivors of sex/arms trafficking, domestic violence and refugee families.

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*We may hold a workshop on first and last Saturday depending on our co-host's availability . 

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July 12, 2019 (Friday) 

6:30-8 pm

Khineder Creations 

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Connect with Cacao

(guided by David Miller) 

How do you connect with other people? What allows you to feel a bond with others? We live in a language-obsessed society in which we talk, talk, and talk some more, but leave a conversation without feeling any type of deep connection with the other person. What happened? We forgot to truly listen - listen to the person’s eyes, their soul, and their message.

In this workshop, we will use cacao (sacred chocolate plant medicine), ceremony, and connection practices including meditation, partnered exercises, chanting, and sharing circles to facilitate a bond between souls. You’ll enjoy a warm cup of chocolate, and a calm, cozy, and safe space as we drop beneath the surface and get to know a deeper part of ourselves.

*Cacao is 100% chocolate and we will have optional sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup.
**Cacao contains a very small amount of caffeine and theobromine, which are both stimulants.
***Please reach out to David before the workshop if you have any health conditions.


About David:

David’s passion is integrating eastern healing modalities with advancements in western medicine. He is a certified mystical yoga teacher from School Yoga Institute (Sacred Valley, Peru)  where he practiced meditation and mindfulness extensively . He studied Neuroscience at Tulane University for his undergrad studies and will be starting medical school in Philadelphia this month. He also facilitated a mens’ group, which involved men getting together in a safe space, allowing for vulnerability and support.
David believes that loneliness or a lack of connection is one of the sources causing many of the tragedies occurring in our world today from violence to suicide to depression. His vision is to heal that deep societal wound and reveal that at our core, both individually and collectively, we are love.