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Hello Khineder lovers ! 

Summer is leaving us soon.

Did you all find the most fun thing to do this season? Fun or busy, ours wasn't too bad although I must say that this summer seems too short , at least for me. 

It was almost as if the monsoon has moved here from Southeast Asia with series of thunderstorms, chilly nights and rainy weeks. 

But there is beauty in everything, isn't it?

Our annuals lasted much longer than we expected and the grasses have been greener, the bugs and toads seem happier this year. 

Nature has a way of healing wounds and nature always finds a way to teach us new emotions that profoundly effect our ways of life. Like nature has taught me to focus on the positive things that happened rather than being stuck in negativity . Complaining about things that I cannot control really does not bring any happiness to me and I'm learning to accept that everyday or at least every time I want to sit by the pool and it starts raining. 

This is our second summer in Emmaus and we are so fortunate to meet so many new wonderful people that graciously walked through our doors at 379 Chestnut St. Of course we can never thank our online customers enough for your constant support and love. Every encounter whether it is exceptional or educational, makes us better and we wholeheartedly believe that.

When someone walks in with a worry on their face and goes back home carrying an item of ours, and sending us a personal note in the following week about how they are enjoying the product means everything to us.

One common question that we get a lot these days: who makes these products ?

Well, you may have seen a few articles written about us in local magazines or have read about our story here on our page but the truth is that Khineder Creations products are not one person's creations.  We are neither scientists nor doctors NOR celebrities but a group of moms that cherish traditional cooking recipes that work so well as skincare recipes at the same time. We work together, study together, laugh together and let's just say perform our magic together. Without the wonderful support of our spouses and family, our summer would have been dreadful, dull and probably making us wonder what should our next chapter be. But we are here, happy and grateful, more energetic than ever , to serve, create and improve the quality of your beloved products_ OUR beloved products.  

We're developing and finalizing some new products in celebration of a fantastic Summer we've had and the beginning of a beautiful season (Yes~ Fall is my favorite) .

Although you may not see me at the store a lot these days as I am under strict orders to rest to treat Post-concussion syndrome ( it actually may NOT be that fantastic summer for me personally considering the injury I obtained from being rear-ended but it is still good *v* ) , I still stop by at our Emmaus store from time to time . So I do hope that we would run into each other, perhaps share some new tips on anti-aging :) . I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home with my son, my recipes and creating new products while our wonderful staff and production team continues to spread their kindness through their hard work.  They are always cooking something amazing and always coming up with some great ideas so do check-in with them when you're in Emmaus. We do have some exciting events coming up very soon in September and you bet I will be there. Stay tuned for our Meet N Keep schedules and other events that we are hosting in honor of women and mothers everywhere. 

Every season is remarkable.

It gives us new hope, inspiration and reasons to smile. 

Just remember ..while we are busy thinking about how many times we need to rake the leaves , the most stunning Fall picture could be taken just right in your backyard. 

Let's look forward to new beginnings and leave all your worries behind with the old season. 

I love celebrating every season for many reasons and I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel that I am living in this part of the world that has a distinctive four seasons~ Four beautiful seasons to accommodate my various moods :)

I fundamentally disagree with 'new year resolutions' and writing them because I don't want my entire year to be restricted to those thoughts that come to me at the beginning of a new year. Every day should be lived like it is a new year's day and aren't the best resolutions made when you are not under pressure? 

Thank you for making our second summer an exciting , happy and a busy (in a good way) one.

We wish you all happy back-to-school shopping and best of luck for all your endeavors in the new season.

Kindest Regards-


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Monday to Friday : 11 am ~ 6 pm

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Join us every second and fourth Saturdays from 10-11 am in Fall for FREE Workshop "Meet N Keep" to learn about our products, get free skincare set samples and meet new friends.

(**In special circumstances , we will hold Meet N Keep on an available Saturday.)  

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Upcoming Events 

SALE : Special Back-to-School Shopping 

Date: August 20~27 , 2018

Time: Monday ~ Friday 11 am ~ 6 pm

Saturday 10 am~ 6 pm

Location: Khineder Creations

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Meet N Keep: How to make FALL fun and fashionable with Shelby

Date: September 8 (Sat)

Time: 1~3 pm 

Location: Khineder Creations 

379 Chestnut St, Emmaus

Welcome back to our Meet N Keep- Free Workshops for Everyone ! We’ve been hosting Meet N Keeps since January 2017 with a goal of providing educational workshops for everyone and offering networking opportunities for homemakers, small business owners, teachers , women of various backgrounds and ethnicity .

We want to open our Fall Meet N Keep with a wonderful guest speaker Shelby Lawson of Lawson accessories and Sewing lounge!

Still a Southern Girl at heart, even though she's been in PA for almost 22 years, resided in Illinois for 6 years, born and raised in the great state of SC. She currently resides in N. Whitehall township with her husband of 28 years and is the mother to Naomi, who is a junior chemistry major at Temple University. She is a woman of Faith with her faith becoming the catalyst to open Lawson Accessories. She worked in the medical field for 15 years at both Lehigh Valley and St Luke's Hospital Systems, leaving St Luke's in October 2017 to devote her time and talent to Lawson Accessories. She encourages others to position themselves for success, completely eliminate the fear factor from their lives and desperately pursue joy.
Lawson Accessories and Sewing Lounge is a modern sewing shop created to nurture creativity and activities that provides hours of therapeutic relaxation! Shelby is coming in to talk about women and business. She believes in one on one hands on approach to find the perfect styles for her customers! Specializing in one of a kinds, this store has many unique clothing and fashion accessories! She offers classes for beginners, and even makes minor alterations.

SPECIAL: The first 10 attendees will receive a 15% off coupon to shop Shelby’s wonderful creation and FREE Khineder Creations Lip Care . Seating is limited for 18 adults only . Please RSVP by September 7 at BeKind@khinedercreations.com or 484-274-1294 .


Women Supporting Women:

Lehigh Valley Small Business Mixer 

Date: September 20 (Thu)

Time: 6~8 pm 

Location: Khineder Creations 

379 Chestnut St, Emmaus

Are you a woman small business owner in the Lehigh Valley looking to network and meet other small business owners in the area? if your answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY, then join us!

Our first mixer event was hugely successful so we are joining forces again to create a space for women to connect, build, and share as business owners. This event is sponsored by Alma & Eva and Khineder Creations

Please register via the link below: