• Body Sculpting Scrub


    The Body Sculpting Scrub is our best-selling product.

    It is the most gentle and effective scrub you can ever find in the market today!

    The combination of lemongrass, coconut oil, grape seed oil, lavender oil and Epsom salt simply make this product irresistible to treat aging skin, dry and dehydrated skin, stretch marks and leaving it super silky and smooth. 

    How it works: Take a small amount of scrub in your palms and rub it gently on the skin. For areas with stretch marks , cellulite and scars, apply a generous amount of scrub and rub for a 1-2 min before rinsing it off with warm water/ hot towel. For maximum results, apply it on damp skin after washing your body and rinse it thoroughly with warm water daily. Pair it with Luxe Nourishment Cream after wash for maximum benefits.

    Caution: Due to the lemongrass oil mixture in the scrub, applying directly on the face could irritate some sensitive skins. If you still wish to use the scrub to treat your T-zone and pores, please use extra caution and be sure to wipe your face with hot towel afterwards. Avoid placing the container directly under the sun and in rooms with high moisture. Since the scrub has no preservatives, it is recommended that you use immediately and regularly after opening the jars.