Welcome to the Kinder Journey!

You're here because you're one of us that have tried almost every brand that says "all-natural, organic" and haven't felt your money was worth spending~

You're here because you're curious about yet another "all-natural, organic" products and see this one's any better~

You're here for many reasons.

And we founded this company for many reasons as well!

We're here together, in this journey that we would like to call " the kinder journey" because we're presenting all-natural, organic products with completely chemical-free and are safe for children and elderly with delicate skins. We work very hard to come up with recipes that are genuinely effective and not just in words_ recipes that are based on daily healthy meals prepared and consumed in our family for a century.  

Our products are also unique because they are handmade by mothers and most of the ingredients we use are grown/ produced / distributed by mothers as well. This is our own way of celebrating mothers and homemakers that are shouldering numerous responsibilities in their daily lives. We want all the mothers around the world to feel completely safe in using our products on their children and on themselves.  That's why all of our products are perfume/preservatives/paraben free and they are also suitable for persons with gluten sensitivity and eczema. They are not tested on animals and are completely free from any animal products.

We also want to make sure that consumers understand the difference between "high-quality products" and "commercialized brands". We believe that high-quality products do not have to be pricey and chemical-free living should be affordable and accessible. That's why our products are all reasonably priced and all in good portions, to have everyone enjoy the beauty of using chemical-free products.

Don't forget~ you're here because you know that the creams/lotions that you are using can only give you what we call a "fake glow" for a couple of hours and after that, you feel your skin drier than before and feel the need to constantly reapply these creams/lotions , add make-up, pay more and getting less and less to feel proud about how you look.

You're here because you've tried all the lip balms from probably every country and every brand and still struggle with chapped, dry, discolored, irritated lips.

If you're here to make a small change by switching one of your daily lip balms/ moisturizers/ soaps/ scrubs to chemical-free, organic, all-natural products, you're with us in this journey.

Natural products are wonderful and with time, your beauty and confidence will grow! They may not give you immediate results like chemicals do but they certainly will leave much bigger impact in your life_ the impact that will make you feel simply happy about making the right decision to change.

Here is a sample of what you can achieve by switching to chemical-free.

Khineder Creations founder Khine has a very sensitive skin and has suffered from severe acne and skin discoloration for nearly a decade during her teenage years and in her twenties. Even after getting treatments in Tokyo _one of the world's most developed skincare industries, her skin needed a lot of products to appear "OK". Below is the picture of Khine in 2006, using top brand skincare products and makeup in Tokyo vs. Khine in 2016, eight months after being chemical-free and foundation-free.

Everyday, our body changes . Our metabolism slows down as we add another day to our age. We can take care of ourselves in so many ways , like doing regular exercises, yoga, eating healthier food with more greens and drinking plenty of water. And we can be smarter with our choices for what we put on our skin everyday. No doubt that we will still fall for strategically targeted commercials with nice music and storylines.

But we know better now.

Let's be kind.

Let's be kinder to our body and mind with Khineder Creations!

Call us today to consult with us at 610-928-0408/ 484-274-1294 or text us, email us at BeKind@khinedercreations.com. Let us know about your concerns and see if our products are suitable for you. We are constantly learning and actively engaged in researching and developing improvements for the right measurements in our skincare products. You can always request free samples or stop by at our store located at 379 Chestnut Street, Emmaus, PA 18049 . Our store hours are

Monday & Wednesday: 10 am ~ 7 pm

Tuesday & Saturday: 11 am ~ 6 pm

Thursday & Friday: 10 am ~ 8pm

Sunday: 10 am~ 2 pm

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey! 

Our Recommendation for you ~

*Lemongrass may cause irritation on some skins. Please use with caution around the eyes and lips.

Message to the customers


To our dear friends and valued customers,

Due to soaring temperatures here in United States and countries where most of our overseas customers reside ( Myanmar , Singapore , Thailand , Malaysia, India, South Korea, Japan, Jamaica , Qatar) we are getting notifications that some products are received in liquid or softened shape. We are so sorry that some of you , especially our first time customers , have experienced that . We want to assure you that we are trying our best to pack them in heat resistant packages and containers and we will continue to improve how we deliver our fresh items to you. And due to large amount of online orders these days, there were some order mix-ups and some of you experienced missing items in your packages. There is no excuse in not being able to fulfill your orders to your satisfaction and for that, I am truly sorry . I appreciate our customers for bringing some of these issues to my attention directly and as quickly as possible , we are sending the right order to you . Please kindly understand that due to its non-preservative nature, we have a lot of challenge in keeping the products (especially creams, lip care and deodorant) in shape as temperature can effect the shape and consistency of these oil-based products severely . To keep the products in shape in these soaring temperatures is one of our biggest challenges and we are working very hard to make sure our products maintain its effectiveness and efficiency regardless of the temperature . I am grateful to my team for filling in my schedules and working hard to accommodate our growing customers everyday while I run back home to be a parent and take care of the family ~ while I need to focus on my research and experiment new recipes ~ while improving the quality of every item we are now carrying . It is not in my nature to leave the problems unresolved and have our customers unaware of these challenges that could effect the relationship I have with you all. So please be careful when you receive our products and open them ~ they may not be in the original shape that we produced . Please do not leave the products in the car, in the sun or near the heat . Please always store them in cool/ dry place . All creams / soaps / shampoo bar / Lip Care are good for a year if they are stored correctly but we recommend that you use the scrubs sooner since it is made with several essential oils that are very powerful but could get spoiled easily after opening and using for more than a month. I have been carrying my lip care and cream in my bag for as long as I've made them and still I have not experienced any melting problem yet but that could be due to the fact that I am not out in the sun for a long time or have my bag in cooler temperatures most of the time. I did have one Thanka Cream almost melted recently and I realized that I had left the container in the car for nearly an hour and the temperature that day was 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) . All creams / soaps / shampoo bar / Lip Care are good for a year if they are stored correctly but we recommend that you use the scrubs sooner since it is made with several essential oils that are very powerful in treating the skin but could get spoiled easily after opening and using for more than a month. 

We face challenges everyday and I understand that some of the challenges may take time to resolve . There may not be a permanent solution but my goal is to make sure that Khineder Creations continues to support all the causes that we have been supporting and produce safe , good quality skin and hair care products that families can rely on. We are a small business that have gained love and support of so many customers from around the world in a short period of time and that is a blessing , and a big responsibility to keep up with whatever we are doing . We have so many exciting collaborations coming up and your understanding , encouragement and support mean so much to us . I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,


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Honest Talk (1)

There is no magic in this world that can cure things in our bodies and on our skins. I believe that everything has to be earned. The better we want the results to be, the more hardworking and dedicated we need to be~we should be.

I have really become enamored with the amount of interest and support that we are getting in such a short period of time , especially to know that so many people are wanting to join this chemical-free journey. Every single message, whether it is an inquiry or a compliment or a feedback, humbles me . I feel that it is a massive responsibility to be personable, dependable and reliable. And for that, I'm slowly yet surely, freeing myself from products that I really love, that unfortunately have chemicals, like hair colors , lipstick , blush on, eye shadow and mascara. I don't have to do this ~ but I want to.

It is not easy , to be honest, to put myself (and my family) out there, in public, wanting to succeed with these visions and missions privately. I'm following a path that I've decided with a clear conscience and determination, and I want the best results for everyone that have decided to follow this path. But like I said, there is no magic and our products are definitely not magic creams/ soaps that can wipe away all our skin problems with one touch. We have to earn what we want, and we have to work hard to maintain it, make it sustainable and most important of all, enjoyable.

Without a good night sleep, healthy diet, regular exercise, without fun (**very very important !!) , forget about getting that glow~ radiant skin, clear skin.. all that we wish we had when we look at a clearly photo-shopped super model. I can tell you very honestly that our products are not alternative to having good habits.

We work very hard to make sure that we are delivering the cleanest , most natural, chemical-free products to our consumers. That is the only promise and guarantee we can give. Each of us have different lifestyles and habits that have direct impact on our skins. Of course, there is the obvious "DNA" that we should not forget about. Some people, no matter what they eat or how they sleep, have the most admirable skins. Most of us have to work hard to get what we want.

Our main goal is to encourage consumers to believe and invest in chemical-free products, starting with simple products that we wear everyday on our skins. We are also challenging the market that has been dominated by expensive brands, that is very commercialized with extremely sophisticated products. Do not mistake simplicity for ineffectiveness. Know this and do believe in owning simple things that make us happy .

Our recipes are simple yet practical. I have become a firm believer in simpler choices in life and I'm actually applying that to everything I approach in my daily life. I have a mild keratosis pilaris and skin tags on my face and my products cannot cure them. But I am seeing better results on my complexion everyday from applying healthier habits and using chemical-free products.

So , to those of you that are skeptical about our products, you have every right to feel that way. People that are in this business for decades before me still face this challenge. My focus is on perfecting the products that are delivered to you and have some of your skin concerns resolved . My focus is also to make sure that the products are affordable quality products. I am not going to use fancy containers and advertisements to lure your money and trust. I am in it for the long haul..to be able to help everyone that want to join chemical-free skin care journey, with the best of my knowledge and ability. And when you ask me questions, I will always be honest with you

Thank you all for believing in me and making me want to be a better person everyday !

Warmest Wishes from-