• The Kinder Shampoo Bar


    This shampoo is made for all types of scalps. The powerful essential oils that are in this shampoo will treat general scalp problems like itchiness, oiliness, hair loss due to chemical treatments, and extreme heating/blow drying effectively. It also leaves the hair naturally shiny and fuller. Within a few days of use, you will find that the hair loss you usually experience each time you wash your hair has lessened significantly. Since it is a bar, it is easier to carry with you on the road and is more environmentally friendly.

    Caution: It is an oil-based shampoo and requires a very thorough rinsing with warm water to avoid leaving excess oil in the hair after wash. Due to its oil-base nature, it is recommended that the shampoo is followed immediately with our aromatic Scalp Healing and Hair Strengthening Conditioner.

    Ingredients Include: vegetable glycerin, shea butter, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, sweet orange essential oil

    Why is it different?

    We created this shampoo bar to address many concerns that most of us have: oily scalp, itchy scalp, hair loss, unhealthy hair, dandruff problems, chemically-treated hair, colored and damaged hair, etc. The recipe of this shampoo is based on the Myanmar (Burmese) traditional handmade hair wash called "Tayaw- Kinpun", which is a bio-herbal, chemical-free, and natural shampoo. The main ingredient of this Myanmar shampoo is the bark of a shrub known as “Tayaw” ( Botanical Name: Buettneria Adamnensis) which is combined with the fruit of the Kinpun tree (Botanical Name: Acacia Concinna). The Tayaw is shredded, washed, and soaked in cool water sometimes with a few limes. This is the shampoo that Khine grew up with and had seen it work very well on her grandmothers that lived with healthy hair even in their late 90s. The Kinder Shampoo Bars have adopted these traditional recipes and added some powerful ingredients such as shea butter, cinnamon leaf oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, and hemp seed oil.