• Love You Mama! *Anti-aging Facial soap*


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    Mama ~ Mom~ Maymay~ Maman ~ the one person that loves us unconditionally and forgives us without any question! 

    In celebration of mothers everywhere , we created this soap . Let our moms feel special this Mother’s Day and every day with simple things she enjoys everyday . Let her feel your love when she washes her face every morning with the soap that will not make her skin breakout or age with chemicals . Formulated with precious oils and based on a family recipe, Love You Mama! is the “skin-care soap” that will leave the skin absolutely soft and moisturized . Treat your mom with this vegan product and let her enjoy the pureness of nature ! 

    Note: This soap is desigend with an oil-base formula for treating aging and dull skins . It does not produce foams like other luxe soap due to its oil-rich nature . It comes in two similar shapes : one is thinner and wider and the other one is thicker and narrower in width.  It is recommended to rinse off with warm water or warm towel .