Herbal Hair Serum (for damaged and color-treated hair)


Treat your hair and scalp with our kinder hair treatment made purely with natural oils and nutrients. 

By using twice a day, you will see visible changes on your hair that has sustained damage over the years from highlights, color, and heating tools. Use 3-4 drops of the hair serum for short hair and 4-6 drops for long hair. Drop it in your palms and gently massage it into damp or dry hair to get luminous, stronger, and healthy hair.  

3.7 oz

Tips from Dina (hairdresser at the Wonderlust Salon)

Hi there! 
Here’s how you can use this oil. You can use the dropper directly on your hair line to massage the oil on your scalp or rub a few drops in your palms to massage the damaged parts of your hair. Especially the split ends and spots where the curling iron is frequently used. The scalp massage with this oil is highly recommended if you want to really treat the hair follicles. It will strengthen your hair and help with the hair growth. I also use it as a protective layer before I use any heating tools on my customers.

Weight: 4 fl.oz 

Ingredients Include: kokum butter, avocado oil, rosemary oil, vanilla 

Handmade in the USA