• Baby soap


    This soap is specifically designed for delicate skin.

    It cleanses skin, has a soothing and calming lavender scent, and keeps skin moisturized unlike most bars of soap that can strip the natural oils out of the skin. 

    Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, unrefined shea butter

    Weight: 4 oz 

    Size : 3.5 in. x 2.5 in.

    Handmade in the USA 

    What are they saying about this product?

    "I go through a bar every three weeks with my 4 boys. They hated every other soap/shampoo but never heard them complain about this one. It's totally worth it and love seeing my boys not itchy in winter anymore. Love it!" - Mary Ann (Allentown, PA)

    "We bought this for my grandfather last year. We are so glad that he got to use it and really enjoyed it before he passed away in Spring. We saw how soft his skin has become in just a couple weeks from using and we paired it with Just Lavender Cream. My nana still uses them she loves them too. Really wonderful duo for not just babies but elderly skin as well." - Patty ( Minneapolis, MN) 

    "When Khine made this for her son who has eczema, I had to try. I'm in my forties with really bad eczema and have tried every product in the market. This has helped to get my eczema under control. I still get some rash now and then but nothing like before. I'm so thankful that my eczema is no longer deciding what clothes I wear and what day I go outside. This soap really works. I pair it with Mi Maw Cream and my face never sees a dry spot ever again since September 2017. So happy with this product." - Judy (New York)