• CK for Khineder Creations Collection: Natural-Dye Silk Scarves

    $95.00 $85.00

    These incredibly beautiful and light-weight 100% Silk scarves are designed and created from scratch by CK. CK got her design and visual arts degree from Australia's Wollongong University. She incorporates her skillful artistic abilities with natural-dye that requires patience and creativity. She uses :

    -indigo (dark blue/light blue)

    -madder root (red/ pink/ salmon)

    -cochineal (purple/ heathered pink)

    -onion skin (light shiny brown)

    -green tea (green)

    -beet (light red)

    -concord grape skin (light purple)

    -eucalyptus leaves (greenish yellow/brown)

    -black walnut (grey/brown)

    -soot ink (black)

    -henna (black)

    -annatto (yellow)

    to create colorful natural-dye silk scarves.

    The process of natural-dye usually takes 3-5 days. It requires boiling, dipping in the dye, pre-washing, multiple soaking and washing, air-drying and finishing it with an iron. Designing is another step and requires several hours to complete one design. The colors will become even prettier overtime.

    Care: Dry-clean only. If necessary, wash with good-quality wool shampoo and cold water. Do not twist or scrub. Let it dry naturally.

    Caution: Please note that due to the dying process and original silk fabric's texture, there could be a small dot of color in the green tea-dye scarf. It is not visible and can be worn without even noticing it .