• Blush~ all-natural tinted lip and cheek stain


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    Get an instant healthy rosy cheeks and lips with our 100% pure Blush. As always , we used no preservatives and chemicals to create this product . They are tested on 18 individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and skin colors for more than 9 months . If stored properly , this little magic blush will last 6 months . So make sure you store it in a dry , cool place and always make sure to tighten the lid when you close it as it is LIQUID . 

    Ingredients : unrefined shea butter , organic castor oil, organic beet powder, turmeric, rose essential oil 

    Directions: Simply use finger tips to tap gently on your cheeks and lips. 

    Weight : 2.4 oz 

    Suggestions: Please open with caution as this product is liquid in a cream glass container . We decided to use the cream container for easier access . If sealed tightly , you will have no problem to carry it in your bags and on travel. 

    Proudly handmade in the USA by local moms 🇺🇸