Since everyone has different lifestyle and diet, the results may vary from one person to another. This is a simple recommendation that we developed and may not be suitable for everyone. Please read the descriptions carefully . Enjoy the Khineder products!

For normal to dry skin : Turmeric- lime goat's milk soap/ Lavender- glycerin soap/ Cinnamon- glycerin soap; Mi Maw Luxe Cream/ Coconut Almond Milk Cream/ Lavender Peppermint Cream


For normal to oily skin: Citrus Spearmint goat's milk soap/ Activated Charcoal goat's milk soap; Citrus Basil Spearmint cream (*use at night for best results)


For combination / extra dry skin: Cinnamon-glycerin soap/ Extra Gentle Lavender- glycerin soap; Mi Maw Luxe Cream/ Just Lavender cream


For anti-aging: Lemongrass goat's milk soap+ cream


EXTRAs: Keep your lips healthy throughout the year with Healing and Soothing Lip Care (Choose from Rose, Spearmint, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Cucumber Lime) ; Pair with our Magnesium Foot Scrub or Body Sculpting Scrub ; Follow up with The Cream for Eyes (day & night) and SPF 50 Thanaka Cream for a light natural coverage; Treat your hair with our Kinder Shampoo  Bar & Scalp Healing and Hair Strengthening Conditioner ; Feel confident in our aluminum-free Organic Deodorant.                                   


Soap – Lather soap with loofa or bath-cloth or simply in the palms. Use twice a day on face/body. Rinse well with warm water or hot towel gently. *Our soaps can remove make-up and mascara with a simple face-wash with warm water.*


Cream  Scoop a small pearl- size with your finger and warm it in your palms. Press gently on the face evenly without rubbing. Use twice a day on the face/body. * Wait a few seconds for your face to absorb the cream if you are applying Thanaka Cream on top of it.          


Eye Cream– Take ¼ of small pearl size with your fingertip , warm the cream in your fingers and gently tap under the eyes and around the eyes.*                    


Shampoo+ Conditioning – Rub shampoo bar directly onto damp hair until it lathers. If you live in areas where the water has high alkalinity, it may not lather as much as it does in areas with normal pH levels. Rinse well with warm water after foaming the hair thoroughly. If desired, follow immediately with our liquid conditioner. Shake well before pouring / spraying a small amount of conditioner directly onto the scalp. Massage it thoroughly throughout the scalp and hair. Do not try to untangle the hair while it is wet. Rinse well with warm water. Let the towel soak the water from hair without rubbing it dry harshly. Let it air-dry or blow-dry with low temperature to protect hair from falling unnecessarily.