August 17, 2021 


In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends. ~Martin Luther King Jr.


We have heard the complaints, warning reviews, and words of fear from a select population of customers and associates of the company. We understand the fear and concerns. We are grieved by the actions taken by a few that caused chaos and pain for the many.
As of December 2020, we are NO LONGER, in anyway, affiliated, associated, or in partnership with Dr. Khine Zaw nor have we ever had any affiliation with her father. You can fact check this information on the PA State Department – Corporations page. We pray for moved minds and healed hearts to transform the socio-political situation in Myanmar for the good of ALL its people!


March 29, 2021


We support the people!


We stand in solidarity with the democracy movement in Myanmar and the call for a peaceful resolution that provides for all of Myanmar’s rights to be free and democratically represented.


We also stand in solidarity with Asian Americans in the US who speak against racism and violence. We do not tolerate racism and violence against any human.  We can all be kind!


Lastly, we pray for a peaceful resolution to the political and financial turmoil in Lebanon!


#staysafe #staypositive #standtogether