Following my "Calling"
Often times, dreams are just dreams and a passion is just a passion. 
But then there’s a calling, a calling that you always felt you’ve had ,
a calling for you to find your destiny , a path to be your better self and to help others that are less fortunate . 
Dreams are never just dreams and a passion is always more than just a passing emotion .  a passion is always more than just a passing emotion .  

Khineder Creations (pronounced ‘Kinder’ Creations) is founded with a passion to help . And there are just so many people, causes and things to help .We are dedicated to supporting struggling mothers, survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. With that set as a mission, the purpose of finding natural remedies based on traditional cooking recipes to heal skins was born.

The store with products made by survivors and skincare products handmade
by mothers was opened a little over a year ago in Emmaus , Pennsylvania .
Today, the products are not only helping families with skin problems around the world but the proceeds are also supporting survivors and their children to
continue with their education and in finding their own passions .

Never ignore your calling and never underestimate the power of what you can
achieve when you have a passion. No matter where we come from, we all have
a purpose in life . Make that purpose something you can be proud of and something that makes you smile even when you’re stuck in traffic in the middle of a very hot day
And offer kindness .
Being kind to yourself and others around you is free and is incredibly rewarding. 

And know this~ it takes more than just a will to survive . If you know a
survivor and are one , know that your courage is amazing and the world is
rewarded with your presence . Friends at every corner of the world are waiting
for you to share the goodness and kindness that only you can offer.

This Page will serve as a platform for our thoughts, work and reflection of our growth in this Khineder Journey. 

If you got an idea from any of these posts,  do share with us. We love hearing from our supporters and get connected with like-minded souls.

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Live , enjoy and be kind . 
With Kind Regards-



Let it go..let it grow 

This week , I’d like to encourage all of us to set our intentions to ‘let go’ . Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do . From a piece of clothing to a pair of shoes to traces of memories, it is hard to let go. And if you are an affectionate soul like yours truly , get ready for some epic meltdowns when you say your good-byes . I’ve done it this past weekend . Hours of cleaning my cluttered emotional closet needed more than Mari Kondo and long walks in the nature . You need more inspiration than that . What if we can achieve the one thing we want so badly by letting things go ? What if we can really find happiness by doing so ?

“Happiness”~ a ginormous word that creates so much anticipation and requires so much work . Don’t you agree ?!

“Is happiness free ?.. how do we make it long-lasting? ..does it come with conditions?.. how do we even know we actually have real happiness in our lives- what is ‘real’ happiness anyway ? “


We ask and are asked these questions quite often. Financial stability , marital success, children, great health , achievements at school and work, good communication make most of us happy to a certain degree. Being happy doesn’t always mean we feel content . Likewise , being generally content in life doesn’t mean we have ‘found’ happiness. If you are mindful about what you do every day and are in acceptance of every situation, without a doubt , you live a peaceful , content life. You may or may not even bother with happiness being an active nutrient in your life . You might be surprised to learn that many people actually “settle” for a general contentment in life and stop looking for happiness because life is short and we have so much to accomplish and so many people to take care of , and do not have time nor energy to believe in some imaginary, phantasmagoric “happiness”.


But I do .

For a period of time , I believed that being content is harder to achieve and is more important than being happy . Now I believe that I can be both content and have genuine happiness in my life . Here’s a few things I learnt recently . Perhaps you might find it useful in some ways.


It is axiomatic that we accept ourselves in every situation whether to find happiness or not . The moment we accept ourselves _our reality , and that we are enough , we are liberated from our own control. We stop projecting outcomes that are not fact-based . We are no longer stuck in time and space where our energy is being used for something or someone that may never be available for us. Meditation helps me heal and harmonize my thoughts , my impediments and my gifts altogether to create a new potential . I believe happiness does not have a specific definition and does not come with a timeline. Some pains shake us enough to be malleable. Whenever you experience such pain, use that for your growth. Pain is one of the greatest teachers in life. When you realize that you are still capable of believing that there is happiness out there and that you deserve it , and after going through such pain, you are still hopeful, you will know with your whole heart the next time you find happiness that it is real. When your heart is open, you are receptive and you are healing . Happiness will enter your life without you even realizing it . I believe that happiness follows when we let things grow organically. Happiness is a wonderful energy . When there is so much clutter , it cannot enter your space. So let it go... and let it grow.




Happy Monday 🧡
How was your weekend ?
Mine turned out to be really good .. honestly very inspiring. I had the privilege of completing Reiki level 1 with some amazing souls and cannot thank our Reiki Master Mary Benner @clearpathwellnesslv enough for her wonderful coaching , guidance and most importantly, love .

Bringing that sacred energy and love , I’d like to kick off this new week with a set of strong intentions~ starting with giving up on any kind of reaction that will cause anger, frustration, and remorse . It is easier said than done .. and I’d have been asking “How can we do that.. not get angry when someone purposely show disrespect or annoy you intentionally?

Yes, every action triggers a reaction. But we are in-charge of how we react . Fully! Let’s put LOVE upfront , like wearing a pair of sunglasses 🕶 .. and let this pair not only block unwanted ultraviolet rays but also all kinds of negativity. We may not be able to block all the negative energy that is coming at us and around us but we are fully able to protect ourselves from reacting with anger, frustration and any response that will not make us feel good .

“Everyone is evolving at their own rate no matter what . Whether someone is “letting” them or not is irrelevant. The best thing you can do for someone you love is to be LOVE. Love yourself ! Love others , Love your life ! Love the contrast ! Love your journey ! Love their journey! When you allow your light to shine bright, it envelopes others and show them what is possible . You living your best life has more positive effects on people you love more than you could ever know. We are all evolving at our own rate , there is no right or wrong timeline. Everyone really is doing the best they can from where they stand. There is so much to love in this world! There is so much to love about yourselves (everything) ! The more unconditional love you put into this life experience about everyone and everything , the more you get back. Love because it feels good to love , not because they are being loveable. “ - Abraham Hicks



Take the Plunge

Spring is here .. or so it seems .
Watching my God daughter and my best friend enjoying “Hanami”_ a very popular Japanese culture , a social gathering of  friends and family to enjoy cherry blossom together with lots of yummy food and drinks ~
🍶日本酒sake and Umeshu 梅酒/ plum wine 🍷 are a must and of course , a ton of photographs 📸 _ in Komaba , my home for 6 years, certainly makes me feel nostalgic. 

It has been 6 years since I left Tokyo . It has been 6 years since I received my doctoral degree . It has been 6 years that I have been on this new journey , with my little boy , with new friends and acquaintances, with new hopes and goals. 6 years of my life in Tokyo seemed extremely long compared to this past 6 years in United States. Have you ever experienced that ? Have you ever wondered that why some moments seemed longer than the others ? .. that why we are unconsciously stuck in some periods of our lives and couldn’t really seem to move on from that ?  

Some may say that I’m probably having too much fun here that time is passing so quickly . It is true to some extent . My mother has blessed me with the ability to have fun no matter how gloomy or depressing the situation is . But I can guarantee you that these past 6 years in the United States have been the most colorful moments of my life . A lot of growth has happened . Like every growth, it comes with joy and pain, with both desired and undesired outcomes. What I learnt during my 6 years in Tokyo couldn’t have prepared me for what challenged me here . 

It is those memories I’ve made with my friends and classmates , those long hours I’ve spent peacefully at the library, those walks I took after midnight in Komaba campus with my fellow night owls  _ feeling giddy and getting fat with oily ramen, those moments where I saw a collective nod and a smile on the scariest professor’s face during my final thesis defense ... that have helped me stay hopeful. They didn’t make me who I am but they certainly helped pave the way of who I wanted to become. 

I am still as frightful as I have always been , of uncertainty, of rejection , of being a disappointment, of lacking confidence, of unpreparedness, of many many things . Perhaps these worries are now running with a different frequency then 6 years ago . There is nothing really stopping me from making new incredible memories with the cherry blossoms here , is there ? Of course , other than my fears . While I am reminiscing the memories attached to the Hanami in Tokyo, my mind and body are both telling me to the take the plunge and face those fears , all of it , together. There is no such thing as being a disappointment or a failure or undeserving or rejected unless we choose to feel that . I am going to make conscious decisions to change the attitude so that        I am no longer frightful.

Let’s take the plunge .

What’s there to lose ? ! 


Be in the Moment

At 7:12 am this morning , I watched the sun rose from my balcony. I was just finishing this wonderful book called ‘Radically Happy’ given to me by my dear friend and exercising some awareness. There was still some darkness inside my apartment but the warmth was flowing in beautifully. I opened the windows and welcomed the crisp air , not expecting the sounds of Spring . A new season is coming ! I know that while many of us are “so done with winter”, I don’t think we would be craving for Spring this much if it weren’t for the cold , lonely , blue days of the long winter.

I took it all in.. the light , the warmth, the coolness, the birds chirping, the gravity.. all the mysteriously wonderful feeling only the sunlight at dawn is capable of giving . Thoughts of me walking on the shore and facing the Pacific Ocean was slowly replaced by this present space , the home I created with love . There is liberation , there is hope.. the moment we accept ourselves . I am in love with where I am and not where I want to be . I accept my present moment and not the moment I want to create with someone else . I choose to be in this moment rather than being in bed and snuggle up with my little boy . I am here on this day of March 14th, 2019, not a different Thursday. It felt incredible.

The meditation was nourishing and rejuvenating , so much so that I doubted for a second if the moment was real. I set my intentions to bring more hope and positive energy to every one in my life and around me during my meditation and felt an enormous amount of gratitude . I felt the presence of all my beautiful friends everywhere that are connected with me in spirit and my family on this exhilarating journey. You all helped me start this day with a smile . I don’t think I need “Throwback Thursday(s)” anymore . We will create another equally if not better Thursday(s), won’t we ?! ♥️


International Women's Day Tribute  

Today is International Women’s Day ~ Our Day , ladies 😘
This day aims to bring attention to our accomplishments and challenges everywhere .

According to the most recent study done by the World Bank, only six countries
currently give women and men equal rights legal and economic equality between genders .Six is better than zero , but at this rate , CNN projected that women won't achieve full equality in the areas studied by the World Bank until 2073! Some of us may not live to see the day where both men and women
enjoy the same treatment and equal opportunities. Whether it is the fight to
end child marriage that still exists in many parts of the world , or the quest
for equal pay, or opportunities for little girls to be at school learning how
to read and write alongside their brothers , or empowering women to love their
bodies regardless of color, size and shape and religious believes , we still
have a lot of work to do .

 I don’t believe that women need to be empowered to have a voice ~ we just need to be empowered to use the voice we already have . Let us lend ours to those that are still overcoming challenges to use theirs . Women are strong , resilient, dedicated , compassionate and giving . Women are capable of making changes and adapting to changes under any circumstances. Women are brave , intelligent , funny and fiercely protective of what is theirs. Women are selfless and forgiving . The qualities we have are quite remarkable and together ,
we can make our homes and communities kinder , safer and happier.

Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow ladies !

"I can't wait! Why do I have to wait? Why does it take so long!!"

Patience and timing is everything .
We could be doing all the right things and sometimes
we still won’t see the progress that we expect.
Have faith and believe that positive changes are GOING to happen
And believe in the power of natural healing. Even a broken heart can heal over

time so those acne scars you hate so much should heal in much shorter time 😉

Women and Hair: A Reflection of Our Identity or a Costly Habit 

From early childhood , I have learnt that taking care of our appearance, especially our hair is crucial for our identity. Why that is crucial ~ I had no idea !

As a young adult, I became obsessed with having pimple-free skin and long , beautiful hair and would spend hours just doing research on how to get those accessorized on my body . No, I was not interested in eating healthy or getting enough sleep or taking care of my hair properly for any health reasons ~ it was all about “appearance”. A couple years ago, I did a study on 40 women that lived in the Lehigh Valley , New York City and Los Angeles. The women surveyed said that routinely, they spend around $380 per month on their “appearance” (hair care , skin care , etc) which adds up to over a quarter million dollars throughout their entire lifetime (ages 17-76) . And we spend this money consciously too! It doesn’t matter where we live.  It is the perception of “looks and appearances” that we all agreed to that makes us spend money happily.  

Over the past decade, I’ve tried numerous hair styles, dyes and cuts .
One thing I have constantly tried was getting permanent curls . (You can see me pouting in one picture where I was accepting my reality that it doesn’t matter whether I had just spent 2 hours at the salon getting the curls with a professional curling iron and hair sprays, bla bla bla ~ the curls do not last for than half hour at most !) I am embarrassed to say that I have spent a small fortune on that alone and I am horrified to figure out that I still have no regrets. Now that spending has been diverted to a new project : the chemical treatment . Since I started producing our own shampoo and conditioner, I am constantly testing and researching on the entirety of bleached hair.
The amounts of money being invested in hair coloring is enough to make it a metaphor for an industry that is already skyrocketing. So far in the past six months , I have done at least 4 highlights , which means I have exposed my hair to bleach and coloring and chemical treatments more than I would like to. 

I teetered between getting curls and color and the researcher in me picked the color, hoping that I won’t go bald during the process and that all the fruits and vegetables I consume daily will continue to help strengthen my hair follicles. So far , my hair seems to be doing just fine with our shampoo and conditioner that are not branded as “treatment for colored hair” , “Instant Fix for damaged hair” , and all the labels you can think of. Natural remedies ~ simply powerful!

Whether it’s a girl in me that adores the sun-kissed curls or the woman who is passionate about healing chemically-treated hair naturally, I am among the billions that love and treasure hair. While we have tens of thousands of women that are getting rid of facial hair every single day , the same amount ( if not more) of men are rocking with facial hair! The results are both stunning and fascinating! Our hair is more than just an accessory. It signifies our believes, represents our cultures , our political and social status, our fun spirit and symbolizes our love for nature . It is a costly habit that we all adapt to love as it is an integral part of our identity. It gives us warmth and protection and sometimes it speaks the language for us too.  How many of us have found friendships over “hey I love your hair!” or “ wow the shaved head looks great on you!” _ the love language , the universal language that gains us smiles all the time .

Thank you so much for your wonderful participation in our surveys.
Your feedbacks are immensely helpful in improving the quality of not only our hair products but also in our study on redefining personal hygiene. My theories may not be applicable to everyone but I would say that taking care of your hair regularly with no chemicals means you are sending positive signals to your brains and when your brain is happy , you will have a visible glow . And taking care of scalp directly effects your skin health. Oily scalps contribute to breakouts and untimely baldness. I would say that taking care of your hair regularly with no chemicals means you are sending positive signals to your brains and when your brain is happy , you will have a visible glow . And taking care of scalp directly effects your skin health. Oily scalps contribute to breakouts and untimely baldness. And using the same pillow case where you rest that oily scalp and unwashed hair repeatedly will severely effect the clarity and glow of your skin . So think twice before you decide to go to bed next time especially after a day full of activities. You might want to wash that precious hair or beautiful scalp first.


Every Action has A Reaction

Taking a break from a busy weekday in a space where my mind and body feels fully alive , energized and grateful. Because I did not settle for anything else but this ... this space where I am allowed to be creative, comfortable and challenged .

My amazing life coach Brandilyn Tebo whom you probably want to get connected with , shed some light on me and I want to share this with everyone :
“Feeling how you want to feel is non-negotiable. Only ego would keep you in a
relationship in which you don’t feel how you want to feel. When we settle for less than the way we want to feel, we do so out of fear of not being enough. And in the moment that we settle for less, we may be gaining a body that will occupy the space of our aloneness, but we lose ourselves, which is the worst kind of loneliness.”

This is very true.
We can apply this to every relationship we have ~ including the place we call “work.” And I know I may be irritating some of you that are feeling “stuck” with “career choice” and “work place.” You know how good you are . You know your passion and your dedication and you know you deserve nothing but the best _ the acknowledgement , the recognition and everything that reflects your hard work. If you’re not getting it , don’t settle. W e are 100% responsible for how we handle our reality .

Like Brandi said, “be the creator and stop reacting !” I am going to continue to block out relationships that will make me feel l need to settle . I hope you can too !

We are Loved!

If you asked me a year ago if I’d find such joy in becoming friends with my neighbors , I’d be asking you “are you kidding me?” Here I am, blessed with these warm, funny , sweet and caring neighbors that not only show visible affection but also generously supporting my business and spiritual growth ~ I’m now asking myself “how did I get so lucky ?”

I think it all comes down to keeping my heart open and just letting the Universe take care of me . So it doesn’t matter whether we’re 15 or 30 years apart .. it doesn’t matter one is Italian , the other’s German and the next one is Russian connecting with a Burmese girl in a little town called Emmaus . We connected , we bonded and we absolutely love the energy whenever we all get together .
So don’t hesitate to say hi to your next door neighbor or invite them over for a cup of coffee . I see friendship(s) that will transcend generations right here . Keep your heart open and appreciate all the possibilities that the Universe is offering you . And if you’re feeling a little down and wondering if you will ever find such joy , please know and believe that you will. It took me over two decades to really start believing in anything that is genuinely good. It will happen for you . It will if it hasn’t started already.

 Have the courage to stay hopeful . It will happen for you . It will if it hasn’t started already.

You ARE loved



 Is your Heart Open?

Love comes in so many shapes and forms.
Some may say the heart beating loudly when you are around your love is a tangible form of love … some will argue that it is the tears of joy when you hold the love of your life in your arms . No matter how we try to top each other’s definition of love , love is the most beautiful thing we can feel...
it does not have to be tangible to know the magnitude of it .

Today and every day I am reminded that the best way to receive love is to give love . When your heart chakra is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and you accept others and yourself. 
When your heart chakra is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive,
and you accept others and yourself.   Many people do not believe in chakras because they can't see them.  Any chakra system is a model that helps to explain how energy flows in the human bodies
that exist on the higher levels of consciousness.

A closed heart chakra can give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others. The mantra sound corresponding to the fourth chakra is the sound YUM.  A special mantra to help expand love and compassion is OM MANI PADME HUM. You can repeat this mantra in meditation to gain greater access to these qualities.