Picture : Khineder Creations Store on 3.22.18 after the third Nor’Easter 

When we decided to have a storefront, we also thought it would be nice to showcase some of the most incredible work done by survivors of sex and arms trafficking/ domestic violence/ smuggling . We purchased with full price from producers/ makers that either support these survivors or that are survivors themselves. We want to be of support to them as they reintegrate into their communities and we hope that our contributions from the profit we make at the store would help them thrive and achieve their goals. Currently, we carry handmade silk shawls/ scarfs, wooden bowls/ spatulas / spoons/ coasters/ soap holders/ shoe horns, woven cotton table runners/ tablecloths, cotton pillow cases, ethnic cotton handbags, jade bracelets from Myanmar (Burma) and Lebanaese Artisana collection and Paintings in our store. Each item is unique in their own way and they represent authenticity, creativity and hard work of all these makers.


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