• Simple Essential Kits for Starters


    These Simple Essential Kits are created for your convenience !

    We pair the soaps and creams effectively for different skin types/ skin issues.

    Our Recommendations:

    1) Daily Essential Kit ( Turmeric Lime  Goat's Milk Soap + 1 oz Coconut Almond Milk Luxe Cream)

    Who is it for ? - For normal to dry skin, skins that do not need specific treatment.

    2) Acne Treatment Kit ( Activated Charcoal Teatree Goat's Milk Soap+ 1 oz Citrus Basil Spearmint Luxe Cream)

    Who is it for? - For normal to oil skin, skins that are prone to break-outs, skins that are recovering from acne and skin discoloration.  

    3)Relaxation Kit (Lavender Glycerin Soap + 1 oz Lavender Peppermint Luxe Cream)

    Who is it for? - For Dry / Extremely dry skin, skins that are battling eczema & psoriasis/ rosacea.

    4) Anti-aging Kit (Lemongrass Goat's Milk Soap + 1 oz Lemongrass Luxe Cream)    

    Who is it for? - For skins that need tightening / rejuvenating / extra moisturizing; skins that have age spots.

    5)  Men's Essential ( Cinnamon Glycerin Soap + 1 oz Coconut Almond Milk Cream)

    Who is it for? - For men that prefer low maintenance skincare routine , non-flowery/ non-perfume soaps that can work as shampoos and great for shaving.   The Cinnamon Gentle Soap provides perfect relaxation for tired and sore muscles with a very mild scent. A dap of Coconut Almond Milk Luxe Cream on cheeks/ neck before shaving will leave smooth and silky feel on the skin after shaving. The cream is also good for treating dry/cracked skin on hands and heels as well.